Power Within Character Analysis: Shadow

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Power Within Character Analysis: Shadow

Post by Kira Yoshikage on Sat Mar 07, 2015 2:54 pm

Shadow is a veteran member of Magic Arts Duel Academy, and close friend to Azmain. He taught Murilo and Stardust much of his dueling skills, and has a very difficult time processing emotions. He often breaks down when he is alone, and suffers from chronic depression and PTSD from earlier in his life. He plays many decks, but his aces are Cyberdark, Photon/Galaxy and Blackwing. He is entrusted the destiny of Dragon Tamer, as well as the bearer of the Numeron Code. He is definately not the brightest person, but his dueling skills rival that of the top duelists of Magic Arts, and he had made 2nd place at the World Duel Carnival in his childhood. He can undergo Photon Transformation like Azmain and Kaito(ZeXal Galaxy user), but at the cost of damaging his body, particularly his heart, to a very extreme extent. His depression and PTSD was tolerable until MADA was destroyed by the Barians.
Age: 16.
Bonds: Most of old MADA.
Enemies: The Barian Emperors.
Appearance: 6'3 in height, 280 pounds, he is a tall, broad-shouldered young man. Despite his weight, he is slender, and has long, dark brown hair, green eyes and wears a black trenchcoat, with black fingerless gloves, white slacks, black dress shoes, and has a crescent-shaped duel disk that he had recieved in his childhood.
He can also undergo Photon Transformation, like Azmain and Kaito(From ZeXal).

"Hidden in my heart, my passionate feelings are dreams of the future and the risk of death. The dream has began to move, with the limits already heard. The road leading to that place seems to me to bestruck with dazzlingly bright light." La-Vie, Freedom
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