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Codes of Conduct of MADA

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Codes of Conduct of MADA Empty Codes of Conduct of MADA

Post by Stardog on Thu Jun 25, 2015 10:50 pm

Codes of Conduct of MADA

1. No spamming: Spamming in the chat is considered repeating something over and over again that serves no purpose and includes, but is not limited to: emoticons, having unreadable text, having comments consist of capitalized letters, posting large images (Can't exceed 300 pixels on either length or width within the chat), posting jumpscare/screamer links and posting general comments that serve no purpose.

Additionally, spreading libel/slander on a member is highly looked down upon and will get you banned for spreading lies. Posting jumpscare/screamer links either on the forum or in the chat will get you auto-banned. On the forums; creating threads that can be answered with Google, consisting of 25 words or less, a topic that only consists of (a) link(s), and posting messages on topics that aren't relevant to the subject matter are all considered spam.

    -1st Exception; Posting "dots" in the chat to stay active is accepted, just as long as it isn't really long and isn't posted extremely quickly, one after another.

    -2nd Exception; Bumping. Bumping threads are accepted here on MADA but try to limit the bumps to once per day. If you had bumped a thread and many topics were made right after the bump, you're allowed to delete your first bump and bump again.

    -3rd Exception; Acronyms. It makes sense that MADA (Magical Arts Duel Academy) is in caps since it is an acronym. Just don't continuously spam the word.

    -4th Exception; Caps are allowed in the chat BUT make sure that they are not spammed or used excessively.

    -Last exception to this rule is that posting large images are fine IF you post a spoiler on it to toggle the image on and off in the chat, although most of the people on here on MADA prefer if you post the image link rather than the image in the chat.

2. Freedom of Speech: You're allowed to say whatever is on your mind provided that you're not doing the following as listed:


-Deliberately disrespecting an individual

-Slandering/Libeling an individual

-Trying to instigate an improper debate

-Posting extremely personal information

-Spoiling the plot or moment of a media such as a, but is not limited to; books, video-games or movies. If you want to discuss such topics that might spoil other, please use the spoiler tags in the chat. There is a grace period where it is alright to talk about topics that might spoil others, after a 25 days of the media being released, it is alright to discuss it.

How to spoil messages: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

3. No advertising: Don't post links while asking for people to promote it and have not been approved by the administrators. YouTube and Image links are fine, just don't ask for support.

4. No adult content: In adherence with the terms of service, there is to be no adult content posted on the forums. Posting adult content is in the chat is acceptable just as long as it's marked NSFW, just make sure it isn't excessive.

5. Respect: Try to respect; the members of MADA, affiliates and people you come across in general. Treat others how you'd like to be treated. (You can disagree with someone and still respect them). Try not to insult people's race/sex/religious views. Additionally to this rule, being arrogant is looked down upon and will get you a one way ticket to being banned.

6. Don't antagonize the staff: The staff have a job to do, making it hard on them will result in a temporary ban and if done enough times will result in a perma-ban.

7. No multiple accounts: There is no reason to make a new account on MADA and it makes our academy look dead. Punishment dodging will result in a permanent ban.

   -Exception to this rule is if you're appealing a ban (Not the same as punishment dodging). Mind you that here on MADA we only give second chances, there will be no third chance if you're banned for a third time.

8. No necroposting: Necroposting is when you bump a topic that has gone 25 days without a reply and is considered dead.

    -Exception to this rule is if there is a really good reason for the staff to comment on a dead topic.

9. Swearing: Swearing is allowed, but keep it from being excessive.

10. No trolling: Trolling will not be tolerated at all and will result in a ban. Trolling is defined as making provocative/useless statements to elicit someone to have an upset/angry reaction.

11. Debates: Handle debates professionally both in the chat and on the forums. If you cannot come to a debating in a professional manner then you will be punished (Punishment will vary depending if on chat or the forums). Also, if an argument (in this context when it is very unprofessional and not calm/concise) can avoided, please take that route. Additionally, instigating an improper argument can get you into punishment. Additionally, spreading libel/slander on a member will also get you banned.

The difference between a proper debate and an improper debate is that proper debates are completely fine in our book, discussion is the cornerstone of MADA. An improper debate is name calling, being disrespectful, and general lack of professionalism at the individual is frowned upon on MADA.

12. Administrators and Moderators are not above the rules and are expected to also follow these rules accordingly. If you see an administrator or moderator that is being suspect of abusing their powers; please send an image to me through either DN or the MADA PM system.

Warning System:

(A kick is considered a warning, not punishment. Although a kick must have a reason to it whether it be for a joking reason or a warning. Kicks that are neither may fall under abuse, depending on the circumstances.)

First Offense: Warning.
Second Offense: Warning accommodated with a kick.
Third Offense: Temporary ban from the chat or forums.
Fourth Offense: Temporary ban from both the chat and the forums.
Fifth Offense: Permanent ban or an IP ban.

These rules were brainstormed by Lint, Demon and myself.

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