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Tournament Idea

Post by mimgrim on Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:57 am

So I have this idea of a tourney I want to do but I need to iron out a few details.

Firstly the main idea is to not allow any monsters in the main deck to have more then 1600 original atk points and the monsters in the extra not have more then 2400 original atk points. So with this restriction decks like ABCs, BW, and the like aren't really much of a problem due to a lot of monsters with too high of an atk.

However I'm still worried about certain decks being too disruptive in this tourney and therefore will ban them. Right not the ones that are def getting banned are Majespecters, BAs, Yosenjus, Barrier Statues, Maksed HERO, and Frogs. I'm also unsure about Dark Synchro. However I also want to make sure there aren't any decks, which is why I'm wanting to ask if you have any other decks that will be too disruptive to this idea.

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