Power Within Character Analysis: Azmain

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Power Within Character Analysis: Azmain

Post by Kira Yoshikage on Sat Mar 07, 2015 3:04 pm

Azmain is 4 years younger than Shadow, and is a very serious, analytical person. He is a supremely skilled duelist, only surpassed by the Endymion Duelists and Shadow. He plays a Dragunity deck, and wears a light blue collard shirt, black leather coat, blue jeans, and light blue boots. There is a deck case fashioned to a purple belt at his waist, and he wears a light-blue incarnation of the standard ZeXal Duel Pad. He has a duel gazer with a silver frame, and light-blue screen. Azmain has a similar hair-style to Yuto from Arc-V, except his hair is blonde with a dark, gray-blue accent. He is single-handedly the most intelligent person that was every to grace MADA, and he was also the head administrator. Now he and Shadow have re-established the once-glorious academy in the ruins of an ancient castle. He can undergo Photon Transformation, a process that enhances his dueling skills, and allows him to take Number Cards. However, after an accident, he still requires a duel gazer. And Photon Transformation damages his body, like Shadow's.
Age: 12
Bonds: Shadow, and most of old MADA.
Enemies: The Barian Emperors, and one TBA character.

"Hidden in my heart, my passionate feelings are dreams of the future and the risk of death. The dream has began to move, with the limits already heard. The road leading to that place seems to me to bestruck with dazzlingly bright light." La-Vie, Freedom
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