fnaf fanfic finally here! chapter 01: "The magician"

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fnaf fanfic finally here! chapter 01: "The magician"

Post by Flip Flapper on Sun Jun 21, 2015 4:14 am

i wanna point out that the chapters tagged "0?" (replace ? with any other number) are more to just explain some stuff rather then being the actuall main story, this one is for the first animatronic in the pizzeria "Xavi the magician" also sorry xavier but im changint the backstory a bit to fit some thoughts i have for the story, might do that with other animatronics to, well please enjoy (also if xavier does not want Xavi the magician to be in this i will rewrite this chapter as it does belong to him)
disclaimer: i do not own fnaf or Xavi the magician
Nathan: that is the new animatronic?
Fred: yup
Nathan: but its from the old location!
Fred: and? now listen nate my mate, our job is to get the stuff and make sure it works, not that it is safe, we are not paid for extra work and we are certanly not paid for questioning the higher ups desicions, these guys are the nightguards issue, not ours
Nathan: i suppose so.... but still, it feels horrible to risk his life becuse we are lazy
Fred: not lazy, we are poor mate, now lets grab some cofee shall we?
Nathan: *smile* yea, im probably just thinking to much about it
*as they walk away the animatronic´s eyes move to follow their movements*
*the night guard, Steve, had just arrived, he glared at the animatronics here, a dragon, a knight, a princess and a few others, especially the new one creeped him out, that damn wizard*
Steve: damn you *kicks Xavi and then goes to office* dam nthat thing is creepy
*one hour later*
*it had been an uneventfull night like always, flipping trough cameras and generally acting as if he was professional or something when suddenly Steve noticed something, Xavi was gone*
Steve: F*** F*** F*** F***!!! where is he!?
*Steve franticly searched the place with the camera when suddenly the power faded, he immediatly jumped down under the table with his hands above his head*
Steve: F*** F*** F*** what is happening!?
*after about a half minute he heard heavy feets running down the corridor, they entered the room and slowed down, Steve tried to hold his breath, suddenly the "face" of Xavi was seen only a few inches from his face, the animatronic reached out its hand and started to drag him away while Steve screamed the entire way*

meh, these chapters with 0 in their name are just preety much there to introduce the animatronics and finally some one else, also Steve will not be the protagonist obviously, but i have to wonder, who will the next night guard be?

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Re: fnaf fanfic finally here! chapter 01: "The magician"

Post by Rea on Sun Jun 21, 2015 7:53 am

only one thing to do...
*plays Freddy's toreador march song as steve the nightguard gets dragged away*



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