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Red-eyes, take warning.

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Red-eyes, take warning. Empty Red-eyes, take warning.

Post by Flip Flapper on Sun May 14, 2017 3:32 am

So i was thinking id put up my red-eyes deck now, my newly made one. For thoos ewho do not know i have not played the game for a few MONTHS now so i have no idea what the current meta is and such, i´ll probably just play with friends either way but i though tid put this up here and here your thoughts on the deck.

3 red-eyes b. dragon (probably going to cut this down by 1)
3 red-eyes black flare dragon
3 red-eyes toon dragon
3 red-eyes meteor dragon/summoned skull (they are interchangable)
3 red-eyes wyvern (probably going to drop 1)
3 red-eyes baby dragon
2 black metal dragon
1 black stone of legend

3 toon table of content
3 allure of darkness
1 sacred sword of seven stars
3 inferno fire blast
3 red-eyes fusion
3 card of red jewel
3 red-eyes insight

Extra deck: (NEEDS A LOT OF WORK)
3 Meteor black comet dragon/archfiend black skull dragon (depending on if i go with summoned skull or red-eyes meteor dragon)
a bunch of other cards i havnt decided on yet, i mean i´ll probably use a bunch of link monsters and such but right now i just have some xyz there.

So i think the cards im gonna cut down on 1 ill instead have either more sacred swords of seven stars or add in 2 giant trunade, becuse this is a OTK deck, with the meteor dragon variant your supposed to get meteor dragon out, use its burn effect and then use double inferno fire blast and with the archfiend variant its just attack with archfiend and use its burn effect instead
It sounds like it is overly reliant on one strategy but it can actually manage quite well even if you dont get the cards needed for the combo and can trade blows with the enemy just fine.

So any recomendations? (especially with the extra deck, ive got like nothing in there)
Should i trade thoos ecards for more sacred swords or for giant trunade?
Thanks in advance.

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