What to do about it

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What to do about it

Post by Arc V Yuto on Sun Apr 12, 2015 7:21 pm

So uncle T again here to say what will you all do with the shaddolls on the rise what will be your side deck choices for facing shaddolls and how does that hurt them.

I am well aware there are plenty like non fusion area and one other trap i cant remember that makes flipped summoned monster lose there effects but this is what you will be siding.

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Re: What to do about it

Post by Stardog on Sun Apr 12, 2015 9:34 pm

I'll list some cards that can either soft counter or hard counter Shaddolls. Typically soft counters can hinder a couple cards of a deck but the deck can still function. A hard counter is a card that hinders almost the entirety of the deck.

Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror: Probably the most obvious hard counter to any DARK-based decks. The only possible downside to this card is that it can negate your own cards but if you're running a deck that doesn't run DARK monsters, then you're in the clear with this card against Shaddolls.

Vanity's Emptiness: This is a good soft counter against the Shaddoll fusion cards but due to the April 1, 2015 banlist, this has become a less consistent option; and there do exist better cards that can combat the Shaddoll spell cards. As far the card itself goes, it can be combated against with the options Shaddolls have.

Vanity's Fiend: Basically Vanity's Emptiness in the form of a monster. It's more suited to slower decks that can afford a tribute summon for a monster or Monarchs. If you can protect Vanity's Fiend from the possible removal options such as Shaddoll Squamata and Shaddoll Dragon, then you can shut down the engine of Shaddolls. Vanity's Fiend mixed with Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror means your Shaddoll opponent has to rely on Trap cards and by that point you can seal the victory.

Majesty's Fiend: If protected by a Royal Decree or Jinzo, this card is an extremely hard counter to Shaddolls since Shaddolls rely on the effect of their monsters that are sent to the graveyard. Again this card is best suited in slower decks or Monarchs. Although, this doesn't stop Shaddoll Fusion from being activated, so the Shaddoll player can theoretically summon El Shaddoll Nephilim and run over Majesty's Fiend.

Artifact Scythe: This card has to be one of the most overlooked cards for stopping special summoning. It's currently at 3, is searchable via Artifact Sanctum and stops special summoning from the extra deck; along with Artifact Sanctum being an already annoying card to come against. While it only soft counters Shaddolls, it can come in handy when your opponent is going to try to use Shaddoll Fusion.

Debunk: It can stop Shaddoll monsters in the graveyard from activating their effects and banishing them in the process.

Face-Off: This card functions much like Debunk except it can range to Spell/Trap cards as well. Although this card can only be activated during the Damage Step. It's more useful for stopping the Fusion monsters from retrieving a Shaddoll Fusion card from the grave.

Soul Drain/Macro Cosmos/D-Fissure: Macro and D-Fissure function a lot alike, the only difference being that D-Fissure is a continuous spell and only affects monsters while Macro Cosmos is a continuous trap that affects every card. Lastly, Soul Drain. To put it bluntly, this card is Skill Drain for the graveyard and banish zone.

-Less useful cards that can be used-

Rivalry of the Warlords: This only really stops the Shaddoll Fusion cards since every monster in the Shaddoll main deck are Spellcasters while the fusions have different typings.

D.D. Crow: It can disrupt Shaddoll Falco targets, although this card cannot be activated during the Damage Step when it would be most useful.

Soul Release: Banishes potentially up to 5 cards in both graveyards (although in this situation you want to banish your opponent's) and getting rid of key cards from your opponent. Although the effect would have to be activated after the Shaddoll monsters have activated their effects. This card is probably more useful in a Lightsworn variant of Shaddolls, and even then Macro Cosmos and D-Fissure are still better options.

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