3-Axis Wind Mix

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3-Axis Wind Mix

Post by α27theDemonKnight on Tue Jul 19, 2016 10:48 am

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[3] The Tricky
[2] Primitive Butterfly
[2] Risebell the Star Psycher
[3] Speedroid Terrortop
[2] Pilica, Descendant of Gusto
[1] Risebell the Star Adjuster
[2] Speedroid Taketomborg
[2] Speedroid Tri-Eyed Dice
[3] Gusto Griffin

[1] Magic Planter
[1] Instant Fusion
[1] Raigeki
[2] Emergency Teleport
[1] Mask Change II

[1] Phoenix Wing Wind Blast
[1] Breakthrough Skill
[3] Moon Dance Ritual
[2] Oasis of Dragon Souls
[3] Call of the Haunted
[3] Solemn Strike
[1] Solemn Warning

Extra Deck
[1] Masked HERO Divine Wind
[1] Elder God Noden

[1] Stardust Dragon
[1] Clear Wing Synchro Dragon
[1] Stardust Charge Warrior

[1] Gaia Dragon, the Thunder Charger
[1] Wind-Up Arsenal Zenmaioh
[1] Shark Fortress
[1] Castel, the Skyblaster Musketeer
[1] Lightning Chidori
[2] Totem Bird
[1] Leviair the Sea Dragon
[1] Wind-Up Zenmaines The Phantom Knights of Break Sword
[1] Number F0: Utopic Future

Before anyone asks. Yes you may modify and use this deck in anyway you like. However I'd appreciate you all posting here how you used it and any interesting changes and stuff to make as well. You know what I mean. You gather data from me I gather data from you.

First and foremost, note that this is a casual deck just for fun. I'm well renown for running gimmicky decks and yeah I guess this counts as one of those. The extra deck is incomplete and I usually use it for thinking purposes. Lel.


3-Axis Wind mix (honestly didn't know what to name this. Lel)

A pretty janky deck that special summons left and right.
Feels somewhat like Burning Abyss + Infernities cept for being wind. Lel.

Main goal of this deck is to cockblock with Totem Bird and proceed to otk the opponent by extra deck summon plays.

The infamous Speedroid engine. Salute to Zach person of MADA who made this engine popular amongst all of MADA.
Speedroid Terrortops best opening game 3 stronk. On empty field, special summon, search Taketomborg. You can special summon Taketomborg via his own effect, maybe use his on field effect to trib himself and special summon Tri-Eyed Dice in his place. With a cach. You'll be restricted to only wind monster special summons if ypu use his trib effect.
Now you can either go into the Stardust Charge Warrior for draw 1 or one my favourite jank 3s of all time, Totem Bird for some serious cockblocking.

Discard the bird Gusto, summons the loli Gusto who in turn summons the tuner Speedroid from your grave.
You'd be doing Stardust Charge Warrior at the start to get Tri-Eyed Dice in grave for Pilicia.
And usually to do that you'd be using Taketomborg's self tribute effect. Lel. His clause only takes effect AFTER you use the effect. You can use non wind special summons before that.
There are some funky ways to discard like Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, the Tricky, Twin Twisters, Mask Change II and whatnot. Fun, huh? XD

The Tricky. lvl 5. Discard a single card from hand. Special summon. Old school and straightforward. 2k beater.

Primitive Butterfly. Lvl5. Another fancy opener.
On empty field. You can special summon him. Can use his effect to raise levels of all insects on your field by 1.
You can use him along with the Tricky to go into Jank 5 plays like Zenmaioh for popping two lies (my fav jank5) or Shark Fortress for the double attack tomfoolery.
OR you can use him with your tuners for synchro plays. Which is what people mostly use him for anyway. Lel.

Ah yes. The Risebell story collection. Tis interedting to check all cards related to Risebell and Hypnosister.
I've picked up two of the cards here.

The level four is a quick effect one which you can activate anytime and target either you or your opponents cards once per turn. And raise its level by 1.
See the utility here?
Can turn itself into a lvl5 for your jank5 plays. Can turn your lvl3s into lvl4s for jank4 plays. Hell, this even aids in synchro plays.
Can also be used to distrupt your opponent's plays too. Like mess up their levels and not letting them xyz or synchro proper as they want lmao.

The lvl3 one can be brought in via E-Tele even.
Upon special summon to field in anyway (CotH, Oasis, E- Tele whatevs) you can choose to raise the level of any monster on field by upto 3. Handy utility for your synchro and exceed plays. Or simply to mess with your opponent again. Lel.

Moon Dance Ritual is a temporary Skill Drain which was made for Totem Bird. But you can use it with any wind exceed. A fancy fun card. Check this card out in detail.

Mask Change II. I get to use my favourite Masked HERO in this deck. Lel.
2700atk. 27. Unarmed. A dynamical entry pose. Electricity everywhere. Coincidence? I think not!
Ayway. Cant be destroyed by battle. Opponent can only attack with one monster each battle phasw. Destroy an opponent's monster using him, you can draw a card.

I think the rest are self explanatory really.
Like hell. Loli Gusto and Norden go off upon being special summoned by CotH or OoDS even. Lel.
Break Sword to target spare CotH and OoDS incase ye need to pop stoof I guess.

So ye. Glhf with the deck
But most importantly.

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