E HERO Water control/nuke (HERO + Monarchs(?))

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E HERO Water control/nuke (HERO + Monarchs(?))

Post by α27theDemonKnight on Sat Mar 05, 2016 12:25 pm


*Le me looks at the calendar*


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Pun intended.

So yeah. I love Monarchs and I love HEROes. As a monarch I think I'm most likely either Erebus or Mobius. Definitely Mobius. Lel. I combine HEROes and Monarchs a lot. This is one with Mobius in it but focuses mostly on the HERO wombo comboes.

(This is a fusion Water based HERO deck. Check out my Fire based one if you haven't already.
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The calm of the water with the chill of the ice.

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^Right click and open image in a new tab to see the full/larger image.

[3] Mobius the Frost Monarch
[3] Elemental HERO Ocean
[3] Elemental HERO Bubbleman
[3] Escher the Frost Vassal
[3] King of the Swamp

[3] E - Emergency Call
[2] Polymerization
[1] Reinforcement of the Army
[2] Advance Draw
[3] Salvage
[3] Mask Change
[3] Aquarium Stage

[3] Reckless Greed
[3] Fusion Reserve
[2] Eisbahn

Extra Deck
[3] Masked HERO Acid
[3] Elemental HERO Absolute Zero
[3] Elemental HERO Mariner

[1] Bahamut Shark
[1] Number 103: Ragnazero
[1] Number 101: Silent Honor ARK
[1] Abyss Dweller
[2] Burgesstoma Anomalocaris

Before anyone asks. Yes you may modify and use this deck in anyway you like. However I'd appreciate you all posying here how you used it and any interesting changes and stuff to make as well. You know what I mean. You gather data from me I gather data from you.

First and foremost, note that this is a casual deck just for fun. I'm well renown for running gimmicky decks and yeah I guess this counts as one of those. The extra deck is incomplete and I usually use it for thinking purposes. Lel.


Glacial Tsunami

Aim of this deck you say? Up smash. Happy feet. Wombo combo.
Spam all the fusions and nuke the board (both backrow and monsters) as often and as trigger happy as you can, leaving the way clear to beat face.

This deck is an all or nothing deck for those who want die like absolute HEROes just rush in without thinking and whatnot. Usually.

There are some hillarious comboes in this deck with most of them revolving around Absolute Zero. You can nuke the entire opps board if you use Mask Change on Absolite Zero to bring out Acid. You can also use Absolute Zero as tribute fodder for Mobius to pop two spells/traps and also trigger Absolute Zero.
Basically, Absolute Zero gets removed from the field in anyway. Opps monsters get nuked instantly.
You can use Advance Draw to tribute Absolute Zero, draw 2 cards and set off this effect with great satisfaction as well.

The deck can easily go into XYZ plays because of Bubbleman and Escher. (That is if you are not using Escher or Bubbleman as tribute or fusion fodder already. Or Bubbleman as a Mask Change target) With both being level 4 and all. Bubbleman being special summonable via its eff of your hand having nothing but just 1 Bubbleman. And Escher being special summonable if your opp has 2 spells/traps in their spell/trap zone.
Then you can summon Bahamuthh Shark. Attack with it. Special summon a Burgesstoma via Bahamuth Shark's eff. Yknow. All for that beating face objective. If you manage to special summon 2 rank4s or rank2s this way, consider slipping in an F0 by removing 1 Bubbleman based fusion monster from the extra deck.
You can also easily go into staples like Raganzero to stop power pkays and boost your draw
Or just the simple 101 to nom your opps special summoned.monster and hold it prisoner for a while.

Salavage keeps the comboes going as all the monsters in the deck except Mobius, are Salvage targets. Since King of the Swamp is the main/only Polymerization searcher in the deck (not using Blazeman is SUCH a pain x_x), you can Salvage him to use his effect, or use his effect then Salvage him again. You can also Salvage them Eschers for XYZ plays or just Salavage the HEROes for all them Fusion plays. Especially that of Absolute Zero.
Use Fusion Reserve to search for Bubbleman from the deck and recover a Polymerization from the grave. If not, just as Bubbleman search. Really handy.
Reckless Greed. All or nothing deck thinning at its finest. Rushing in Recklessly here we go!

Aquarium Stage. A REALLY handy card in this deck. Keeps all your monsters protected from all them nasty monster effs. Your monsters can't b destroyed by battle with a non water monster as long as this spell is up and running. And when this spell gets popped, you can special summon an Aqua type monster from your grave for wombo combo setups or just tanking. Yes, Mobius is an Aqua type special summonable with this.

Eisbahn. Stall and crowd control. All those who want to rush you slip and fall on the ice. Anything summoned that is not water gets changed to defence position. A fun defensive card.
I recommend replacing this with the water mirror force though.

A fairly easy and straighforward deck with little to no explanations required indeed!

So yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this deck.
This deck has the potential to be made into something extremely crazy and tis scary. Lel.
As always, let me know how it goes by posting below.
Glhf and most importantly.

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