Arcana Knight Joker mark I

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Arcana Knight Joker mark I

Post by α27theDemonKnight on Mon Jan 18, 2016 7:36 am

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(Before anyone asks. Yes you can use this deck and modify it as much as you like even.
If you DO use this deck, please tell me all abouts it, what you do with it, how you prefer playing it and your modifications to it in post here so that I may learn things from you all as well. That is all that I ask Very Happy )


I've always really loved the suit of cards, clowns and knights. The Poker Knights are kind of all these combined into one and I find the boss monster really damn cool.
After all wahey. #FusionMasterRace

Well then. Here ye go lads. The main goal of this deck is to successfully bring out Arcana Knight Joker and still be able to kick some ass and have a decent hand to use his effect. Which most people miserably fail to do.

So people have always figured out to bring out Arcana Knight Joker in all sortsa fancy ways. Ayt that's cool and all. You bring the boss monster out. That's it. You bring the giant fkn 3800 beater out. And you're all out of fkn cards soon. I mean. What's the use if you can't even use Arcana Knight Joker's own effects to protect himself huh?

Thunder Dragon is used for deck thinning instead of Upstart Goblin and can combo with Hand Destruction. When used right it can be very annoying to your opponent too. Note that it is Lvl5 and Light.

The Brilliant Engine is abused here with Lazuli being the real MVP along with Seraphinite of course. If Lazuli is sent to the graveyard by a card effect (Let's say, via Brilliant Fusion, Polymerization and Hand Destruction for example) you can net to your hand a Normal Monster from your grave. Which usually is a Queen's Knight to setup for the King's Knight eff to bring out Jack's Knight. This famous Poker Knight combo can easily be achieved using Seraphinite allowing you to do one extra summon by her effect. Then if you have Polymerization, well. Arcana Knight Joker maybe. Or you might just want to get into those Ranks 4 or 5 XYZs. Note that Seraphinite and Jack's Knight are lvl5 and that King's Knight and Queen's Knight are lvl4 light attribute  warrior type monsters.

If all your Normal Monsters are in your grave, you can use Brilliant Fusion to send the 3 Lazuli's in your deck to bring out Lady Diamond. Using Lazuli's effect you can recover 3 normal monsters to your hand as you desire to setup up for Poker Knight combo, gather the materials necessary to bring out Arcana Knight Joker or even setup for XYZs. Drop a spell (usually Polymerization or maybe even a Galaxy Cyclone) to make her a giant 3.4k beater. Or use her effect on herself to bring out Seraphinite. If using cards to special summon from the graveyard, you can bring back Lady Diamond again.

Blazeman is used here as the main Polymerization search engine. Since he is a lvl4 warrior type along with King's Knight and Queen's Knight, you can make max use of him in warrior related ways. Hint hint Excalibur and Blade Armor Ninja. Since Blazeman is a HERO, you can use him to speedily bring out the HERO Fusions as well. Usually The Shining or Gaia. Mind Control comes in handy here to nab your opponent's monsters to use as materials. Blazeman is easily searchable by RotA and E - Emergency Call and can be easily special summoned from the deck via A Hero Lives as well.

Fiery Frevor is like my Bujin Crane for everything that ain't Bujin, but in a trap form.

Honest should be more than obvious here. Y'all should know that he is one of my favourite cards. Honesty is the best policy :Kappa:

Fusion Reserve, Fusion Recovery, Fusion Conscription. Any Fusionist worth their salt knows what to do with these.

Two Jars of Avarice. Because face it. You love to recycle them cards to repeat them combos as much as I do.  XD
Combos such as the Lazuli ones.

Cards handy for this deck are stuff you are ready and willing to dump into the grave such as spell and trap cards usually made best use of by mill decks. Favourites include Galaxy Cyclone, Breakthrough Skill and Skill Prisoner. This is to actually to make use of the Arcana Knight Joker effect properly, which most people don't even bother to try using <_<
Reckless Greed can be used to maximize your hand effectively as well.
Prisma. Eh. Maybe.
I recommend experimentation with Gemini Gem-Knights as they count as Normal Monsters in the grave and so can easily be recovered with Lazuli.
Neos Alius might work as well as he is a Lvl4 light attribute warrior type beater as well.
If going by these experimentation routes I think one can make use of the Gemini Engines as well.
Them triple Safe Zones in the deck would help real nice too.

Whatever the case the main deck already feels so damn tight and getting the ratios right such a pain too .-.

Eh fusions and XYZ toolboxing. Extra deck is so damn tight right there. Them HEROes and Gem-Knights. A few rank 4s and 5s. Go whichever routes work for ye.

Hope you all have fun and enjoy this deck and all the great Wonders of FUSION!
But most importantly,

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Re: Arcana Knight Joker mark I

Post by ~Alex~ on Tue Jan 19, 2016 5:08 am


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