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Post by {AccelSync}sstephon on Wed Sep 16, 2015 8:50 pm

hey guys hope you guys enjoy my shop i will post deck ordering options that you can choose from below, ok, so currently the options are very limited, also if you have any ideas on what i should add to the shop plz tell me because all of these are very bland and only single archetype

d/d/d- 200 points/partial extra deck

utopia-100 points /full extra

ritual beast- 250/partial extra/barely any side (makes people with thousands of wins rage quit)

darkworld- 50 points/ no extra / no side

six samurai-150 points/ full extra/full side

blackwing - 100 points/partial extra/no side

gravekeeper- 50 points/ no extra/ no side

dragunity-100 points/no side/ partial extra

synchron-250 op/ ocg cards are in it/ no side/ full extra/ shooting quasar first turn

custom deck- 100-300 (depending on the complexity of the deck)

the rule on refunds will be no refunds after 24hrs. to give me a description of the custom deck plz just post a description in my shop. the custom decks will be delivered within 3 days of the order. and please just have fun.

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