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About the next few weeks

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About the next few weeks

Post by LightRook on Mon May 18, 2015 4:54 am

Ok so I decided to go ahead and post this now instead of making it last minute but in the next few weeks I will finish up my Junior year of high-school and then summer will come. I more than likely won't be on as much because I still don't have internet at my house but I can pop in when I am at my aunt and uncles house so yea. Another thing is, is that I like how we have affiliates now, I think that it is cool to have them and what not and I noticed that Stardust is now a mod, congrats on that man, didn't think that would be possible lol but yea congrats on that. Last thing is that when I do pop in I will make posts about what place I got in Smash tournys so you guys know and just to say that I am progressing in my skill at the games. So yea that is all.

“Family isn’t always blood, family is what you make it, family is never giving up, family is never turning your back on the ones you love.”
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"My new cuts are so up to par my old cuts leave hella scars."
-Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

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Re: About the next few weeks

Post by Flip Flapper on Mon May 18, 2015 6:29 am

im gonna miss ya, i hope you will have good times

"Tim Drake and I had our differences, but I'll admit he was a great man. Despite his best efforts, over the past few years the Teen Titans have been losers, criminals—a joke. They epitomized what's wrong with this younger generation of so-called heroes—they didn't deserved to be called a "super-team". But we could do better. There are five of us. Five fingers make a fist. Join me... I dare you." - Damian Wayne, Teen titans rebirth.
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