Shadow's rogue deck of the week#4

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Shadow's rogue deck of the week#4

Post by Kira Yoshikage on Sun May 03, 2015 2:03 pm

Heya guys! Another week, another segment, so let's get right down to it! This week's pick is Blue-Eyes!
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Blue-Eyes White Dragon is the most iconic card in the history of Yugioh (Aside from Chaos Emperor Dragon and the Dragon Rulers.) as well as the main focus of this deck.
This deck mainly focuses on a beatdown/field control element, but also has amazing rank-8 and Synchro toolboxes that you can access.
Blue-Eyes White Dragon is arguably one of the stronger monsters in the game, at 3000 atk. Also, the deck has the ability to play Honest, and splash in some dark monsters to add in a Chaos engine. Most of the generic draw power for this deck is great, and relatively cheap to pick up, such as Trade-In and Cards of Consonance. The White Stone of Legend sets up Trade-In or Kaibaman plays, and Dragon Shrine helps you set up your graveyard relatively fast. Silver's Cry is probably the best card of the deck, as it is a free Monster Reborn for Dragon-Type Normal monsters. Wingbeat of Giant Dragon serves as amazing backrow removal, and Burst Stream of Destruction allows for some nasty pushes. Dark Matter Dragon is also a very scary possibility when going against Blue-Eyes.
However, the card that shines the most in this deck right now would be Maiden with Eyes of Blue. She has an effect that summons Blue-Eyes from the deck when attacked OR targeted by card effect, so Trishula can eat his heart out. Also, she can be combo'ed with Wonder Wand for draw power or Full Force Strike to get around big monsters.
Weaknesses: Anything that hurts the graveyard. Blue-Eyes isn't totally shut down by Soul Drain or Light-Imprisoning, but if you shut out their graveyard totally with Macro, Dimensional Fissure or Dark Law, they are going to have a difficult time.
ALSO, cards like Necrovalley, Vanity's Emptiness and the like kill the deck because most of the time Blue-Eyes will be special summoned from the graveyard.
Crush Card wasn't mentioned because it lets Blue-Eyes set up the graveyard easily, so yeah.
Mirror Match~ 0
Satellarknights~ +2
Nekroz~ +2
Shaddolls~ +1
Yang Zing~ +1
Mermail~ +1
Bujin~ 0
Volcanics~ 0
Qliphort~ 0
Blackwings~ -1
Burning Abyss~ -1
Gravekeeper's~ -2
Worms~ -2
Noble Knights~ -2

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