Time to Strike- a story of my dueling life

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Time to Strike- a story of my dueling life

Post by StardoostLegend on Fri Jan 09, 2015 12:38 pm

I've decided to tell you guys the real reason why I joined MADA...
When I was new to dueling I had some cards from random packs and I thought they where the greatest. I didn't really have anyone to duel though since none of my friends are really into dueling (my sister likes yugioh, but duels with here got old as we knew eachother's decks). Before I came to DN, I found this program called YGOpro that allows you to duel online and against a computer, people online where real jerks though. Sure I was pretty much a noob at the time and had no idea how to construct a good deck (I had a 57 card deck, with no real strategy), but when I was about to win they would quit and my rating wouldn't increase (it's different on YGOpro, when somebody logs out during a duel, your rating doesn't increase) and when they did win, they would rub it in and where just so full of themselves.

I then found out about DN, I was hoping people here weren't real jerks, and it turns out they were pretty nice. Some even gave me advice on how to fix my deck. My first real, thought out deck was chronomally, I was getting better and I won a fair amount of my duels. I decided to go back on YGOpro and get revenge. I barely still stood a chance, however, one of them said "LOL come back when you have skill".

that was a few months ago, So I decided I will, I kept practicing, meeting new people on DN, getting better and passing through decks. Star seraphs, sharks, I experimented with many decks until I finally decided while I was looking through archetypes, to try Heraldics. I was okay with them, so I kept trying to duel with them, and I started to pull off somethings I've never done before, like OTKs, TTKs, stuff like that. So I decided to start using Heraldics, and to return their with my heraldic beast deck, my one TRUE deck.

Then I met Kabingo, xavier, greg, and I finally came here. It's been 6 months since I've first been on DN... 8 months since I first started YGOpro. I promised myself that I'd be strong enough to beat them one of these days... When that time is I'm not sure, but with you guys by my side, i feel I can take on the world....

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