Synchrofoes aka Kojima Deadliest Weapon Yet

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Synchrofoes aka Kojima Deadliest Weapon Yet

Post by Shimazu Toyohisa on Fri Oct 14, 2016 11:56 pm

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Here is my deck I just made I need some opinions on it
Like always cannot be bother writing the cards down

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Re: Synchrofoes aka Kojima Deadliest Weapon Yet

Post by Kiernan on Sat Oct 15, 2016 12:22 am

You don't need 2 metalfoes fusion. 1 is typical. You don't really need combination either, and I'd recommend bumping counter to 2-3. I'd also suggest dumping both Summoner's Art and adding another Volflame. Jar of Avarice has limited applications, particularly in decks that use pends and don't really need to recycle materials a whole lot.

I'd maybe take out Adamante for Norden and add an Instant Fusion or two to help aid synchro plays. If you do, I'd recommend replacing Beelze and Moonlight with either 2 rank 4s or Utopia and Utopia the Lightning.

And I'd drop Luster as it's not very flexible, and replace it with two copies of Master. Master has better attack and is searchable via Painful Decision. Luster does have a better Pend effect, but that's all it really has. It's not even a good scale, especially since Volflame will likely be your primary Pendulum beater.

--All of these are suggestions, ofc
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