Gadge Overload

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Gadge Overload

Post by Xd001 on Thu Oct 13, 2016 8:58 pm

How does one play these machines? How does one create deck deck around them? How does the deck Win?

Well today I Xd001 will be covering just that.

First and far most, there effects are the following."When this card is speical or normal summoned add 1 gadget from your deck to your hand". So you can go two ways with this deck Luckly i have make a basic build for both.

First Pick- Xyz Gadgets

This Deck uses them with cards like tin goldfish or the newly added silver and gold gadgets to speical summon them for a +1 then overlay them for an xyz trying to ethier get over a problem card or to go for gear giant x and go for a +2 play. Then sets a few backrow and passes.

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Second Pick- Stun Gadgets, Using powerful cards like macro or nercovalley this build freezes up the field creating hard advantage while locking your op from playing ygo. You can aslo toss in malefics if you feel the need to put some more power behind your plays.

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Anyhow this is Xd001 signing out for now.

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