Introduction to Flavor of the Sandstorm

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Introduction to Flavor of the Sandstorm

Post by DTBowser on Sun Sep 18, 2016 6:56 pm

Alright people let’s get introductions out of the way.  Waz up y'all I’m DTBowser (DTBeast on dev), self-proclaimed graduate of Standard Dorm,  Yu-Gi-Oh Veteran/ enthusiast, and Alchemist in training,  but most people in Magical Arts Duel Academy simply know me as “The Vanilla Guy”. and I'm here to kick off a new Segment called The Flavor of the Sandstorm. Here in this segment we are gonna break down just about everything to have there is to do with this game. Why?  because that's our thing, We dabble in the arts, we dare to go the distance that distance that some are not comfortable treading and for those that are still feeling that way I’m hoping by the end of this 4 course Meal you are gonna have a better outlook on the Duelist around you inside and outside of your dorm. You’re going to know their strengths and their flaws and together we are gonna work Through those Faults To make ourselves better. Now, i bet y'all thinking “what in the hell is this jive turkey talkin about?”  yes i know I’m a little on the Loony side but,  as i told my Ex during date night “There is always some kind of Logic behind my madness.” so let me break Down what we are going to be learning through these 4 courses

Lesson 1:
In this lesson we are gonna be Relearning the Basics. Now don’t go all getting your Fingers in a knot there ain't nothin wrong about Goin over the Basics again. I know I know Its a pain in the butt it’s no fun and y'all just want to get to the juicy stuff. Luckily in these courses I’m only going to be talking mainly about Monsters. Again why? Well  because they are the center of your deck without them unless you runnin a burn deck you really ain’t gonna be doin much of nothin. And I'm sure y'all thing learning about monsters will be a piece of cake. Well let me tell you it takes a lot of work in science to make a cake before you can eat it.

Lesson 2:
In this lesson we are gonna be learning a little about your peers from the other Dorms. And if you’re wondering why on gods green earth y'all need to know anything about the other dorms when y'all specialize in using the main deck. As i said before we are going to be tackling EVERYONE’S strengths and weaknesses we, together are gonna make Mada a little more aware about each other. Every dorm has a  special type of special summon they like to utilize and we are gonna go knee deep into their sciences.

Lesson 3:
here we are gonna get fancy. now in this lesson we are not talking about our brothers and sisters in the other dorms, or any basic mumbo jumbo, we are gonna be talking about those special things that make the game more pleasing to the eye. something special for everyone utilized by all the dorms at some point.  this lesson is just a tasty lee-way to desert  but is still just as important.

Lesson 4:
Now see in this course i don’t want to say much because some of y'all have either kept reading into my insanity Or you’re eager to know what this course is. Well it’s a desert. And as a desert it’s not polite to ruin a surprise before you have even had the main dish but trust when i say it will be worth the wait. But if you pay attention to each lesson ill be posting in the next few weeks you might catch onto what I'm doing.

That being said Mada, Standard dorm,  My Brethren, are y'all ready to take this trip  and learn the logic that is beneath my insanity. If you are, stay tuned
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Re: Introduction to Flavor of the Sandstorm

Post by CyberAngel12 on Tue Sep 20, 2016 3:05 pm

*takes a seat upfront.* I like this guy.

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