Read this if you are interested in learning GFX

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Read this if you are interested in learning GFX

Post by Yuuki Yuna on Sun Sep 04, 2016 12:31 am

I'd figure that whenever I have the time and there are people who are willing to pick up Photoshop and actually learn how to become a better GFXer then me, then I'll give a little lesson or something in the chatbox from time to time, but I wanna see how many people are actually interested.

And if you didn't want to learn GFX because you wanted to and you saw you had to buy photoshop and then you cried because you're poor, dw about it, I got photoshop for free as well, I'll explain more later Wink

EDIT: I want to remind people that I am still learning lots of things myself, and I'll teach you how to recognize that I am not good at GFX (but still somehow better then people outside of DA in the academy world).

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