Jackachu's super amazing mega music thread

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Jackachu's super amazing mega music thread

Post by jackachu100 on Sun May 22, 2016 9:09 pm

Sorry for really long post

Basically I spend all my day listening to music (seeing as how i have 4000ish songs on youtube playlists with the vast majority being in the past 2 years) (most of it being EDM because of the channels im subbed too), but I pretty much like all types of music.

Starting off I'm going to talk about my favorite artist, Porter Robinson. So basically imo this guy is amazing and one of the reasons I want to try and make EDM (even though im really struggling and dont really get anywhere with it). Basically this guy is amazing because of 1 album, the live edits he made of those songs and 2 earlier tracks. Although he does have earlier stuff which is vastly different to the new stuff, Unison, being my favorite.

So I thought I'd mention the 2 earlier tracks I mentioned Language and my favorite of the 2 Easy:

These songs are more of a transitional period between his old stuff and his new stuff which is why I'd probably recommend these to start off with as the new stuff might be too "different" to start with.

Onto the main reason I love this guy, his debut album worlds. All of the songs on worlds are amazing and imo well worth a listen (other than fellow feeling, its not good to listen too because one of the drops is really bad on purpose for an artistic message (but the edit (this) is worth a listen)).

As I don't want to link everything I'll give my picks from the album.

Divinity, the opening to the album, this used to be at about the same level as the rest of the album but as its the opener I have listened to it more than any and it's really grown on me:

Sad Machine, the most "popular" song from the album which has some great vocal work from Porter himself and the vocaloid Avanna making a great duet piece:

Flcker, which is probably my pick for the best song on the album, with the japanese text to speech, the constant "baka" throughout the song and the laugh in the drop, which all work so well combined with what is probably my favorite buildup ever makes this one of my favorite songs:

Goodbye to a World, which is the ending song on the album and probably the closest any form of media has gotten me to cry (I don't cry at things) again with the vocaloid Avanna is an amazing ending to the album:

The various live edits for the tracks are also amazing.

Whether they just be simply an addition of some vocals (from This anime) in this version of Divinity (up to 3:50 in the vid):

Sort of mashups of his songs in the live edit of Easy with Sea of Voices (seizure warning):

Or just practically a full blown remix (most (or all) being of his old songs) for example with Unison (these last 2 edits have been remade by fans as he hasn't released the songs) (seizure warning):

With that I'm almost done with Porter (some of his songs will appear in this section). I thought I'd make specific mention to my favorite genre of EDM Future Bass, which is an offshoot of trap but uses synths that are the complete opposite of the heavyness of trap which incoporate a lot of sliding (changing pitch (i think the music terminology for that is portamento)) which (when used) are layered on top of the typical trap bass and rolling high hat drum patterns, this is one of the most diverse genres in EDM (in my opinion) though and quite a lot of the songs wont follow this but you can still clearly tell they belong in this genre. The genre also works really well with chiptunes (basically 8 bit music) which I absolutely adore.

Guess I'll get the 2 Porter songs out of the way first (even though they arent the best example of putting into song form what I just said) with his remix of ClariS - Irony and probably my joint favorite song from him (with flicker) his remix of Nero - The Thrill:

In terms of putting what I said into musical form Subtact - Indigo is the first song I found on my playlist that fits what I described pretty well.

Here are a couple of my favorites from the genre. I'll start off with what I'd say is my favorite which is a remix of the song Astronaut - Champions (progressive house) (which I already loved before the remix) by WRLD with some stellar vocals and a great drop:

My favorite song in the "Porter" style future bass (which coincidentally happens to be a remix of one of his old songs) with the more arp like speeds of the synth in the drop as opposed to being a single flat note is the Mielo remix of Say My Name:

To showcase what I said with the chiptune here's the song Anime Bae (10/10 name) by Hyper Potions:

And just to show a bit of diversity in the genre here are 2 more songs:

Now I'm going to showcase a few of my favorite songs from other EDM genres, not going to talk about each individual one as that'd take forever, but there will be a wide range of stuff in here (I'll list the songs under a genre (genres in alphabetical order) (if its under EDM that means idk what the genre is)).


Drum & Bass:




Glitch Hop:

Melodic Dubstep:

Progressive/Electro House:


The frozen white noise static snow
That is your memory
Although I know we'll never meet
You're ever part of me

You'd fit perfectly to me,
We'd end our loneliness,
Melt this curse away
Though I'll never know your name
I've cried for you the same

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