Purple-Eyes deck profile for the April 2016 banlist

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Purple-Eyes deck profile for the April 2016 banlist

Post by Blade_Viper on Sun May 15, 2016 10:30 am

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This is my Purple-Eyes deck, it's basically hyper offensive dragon spam. But it works so well. There are no traps in this deck but it makes up for it with the great spells and The Claw Of Hermos (MVP) which basically makes it OTK City, B**ch.

1x Blue Eyes Alt
1x White Spirit
1x Keeper of The Shrine
1x Protector WEOB
2x Maiden WEOB
1x Red Eyes Flare
1x Red Eyes Chick
1x Red Eyes Darkness Metal
2x Black Stone
2x White Stone of Ancients
1x White Stone of Legend
3x Blue-Eyes White Dragon
3x Red-Eyes Black Dragon
2x Summoned Skull
2x Cards of Consonance
2x Cards of Red
2x Red-Eyes Fusion
2x Dragon Shrine
2x Claw of Hermos
2x Silver's Cry
2x Trade-In
2x Gospel
2x Twin Twisters

2x Archfiend
1x Blue-Eyes Twin Burst
1x Red-Eyes Black Dragon Sword
1x Azure-Eyes
1x Blue-Eyes Spirit
1x Scarlight
1x Stardust Spark
1x Felgrand
1x Big-Eye
1x Red-Eyes Flare Metal
1x Dracossack
1x Number 46:
1x Aigion
1x Number 38:

The best thing in this deck in my opinion is sword, Equip him to Blue-Eyes and your attack points will go to INSANE numbers, at least to 5000. And if you get twin burst out then that's 2 attacks with at least 5000 atk.

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