Different Dimensional Demon deck (D/D/D) March 2016

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Different Dimensional Demon deck (D/D/D) March 2016

Post by Blade_Viper on Fri Mar 04, 2016 11:30 am

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This is my D/D/D deck profile. I adore this archetype, It's so unique when you compare it to other decks this and last year. Now, let's get on with the decklist


3x Savant Kepler
1x Savant Galilei
2x Savant Copernicus
2x Savant Newton
3x Night Howling
2x Lilith
3x Doom King Armageddon
3x Rebel King Leon
2x Abyss Ragnarok
2x Swirl Slime
2x Necro Slime
2x Lamia

3x Dark Contract with the Gate
3x Dark Contract with the Swamp King (Note, I have put a third one in and a Trade-In instead of the Yamimakai's last minute)
1x Trade-In
2x Twin Twisters

1x Solemn Warning
2x Dark Contract with the Witch
1x Dark Contract with Errors

1x Wave Oblivion King Caesar Ragnarok
1x Dragonbane King Beowulf
3x Oracle King D'arc
2x Flame King Genghis
1x Hexblood King Siegfried
2x Gust king Alexander
1x Chaos King Archfiend
1x Duo Dawn King Kali Yuga
1x Galaxy-Eyes Prime
1x Dracossack
1x Red-Eyes
(note, I took out the second Yuga for the Galaxy-Eyes Prime last minute)

While this deck doesn't focus on Pendulums, Yamimakai is nice to have just in case you have to pendulum summon. Night Howling is for the level 7 Synchro Plays. Abyss Ragnarok so you can summon more D/D/Ds. Lamia for the Level 8 Synchro plays, she's an easy special summon. Kepler is for the searches for your Contracts.

Well, That was my D/D/D deck, guys! Hope you liked it. Any advice is welcome and appreciated. This is Blade_Viper, Peace.

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