My Black Luster Soldier deck!!

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My Black Luster Soldier deck!!

Post by Blade_Viper on Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:06 pm

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Welcome to my prized possession! My Black Luster Soldier Deck!! I have been working on this baby ever since the new cards came out and now It's to my liking. I have watched countless videos and have tested this in multiple forms. This is the best one by far. Now, Without further ado. This, is the decklist!

3x Black luster Soldier - Super Soldier
2x Black Luster Soldier - Sacred Soldier
3x Arisen Gaia the Fierce Knight
3x Charging Gaia the Fierce Knight
3x Sphere Kuriboh
1x Relinkuriboh
1x Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the beginning
2x Manju of the ten thousand hands

3x Gateway to Chaos
1x Terraforming
3x Super Soldier Ritual
2x Sacred sword of seven stars
2x Pre-Preparation of Rites
2x Trade-In
3x Twin Twisters
1x Kaiser Colosseum

3x Solemn Strike
1x Vanity's Emptiness
1x Bottomless Trap Hole

Rank 8s:
Galaxy-Eyes Prime
Galaxy-Eyes Armour

Rank 7s:
Big Eye
Master of Blades

Rank 4s
Dark Rebellion

Rank 1s

Now, a few reasons why I play the cards I do.

First, "Why Relinkuriboh?" It's simple. Envoy's effect could banish him with Arisen (Who is a dark) and you can get an Envoy or a free Super Soldier if you use ritual's banish effect. I was only able to get one Terraforming in there. It works fine with one. Funnily enough, The Kuribohs make this deck. They can negate effects and can be used as a tribute while in the grave(Except for Relin), along with Arisen. Sacred is brilliant in this deck, He can Banish cards from your opponent and can get things back from the grave to the hand, and if anything else. He can be used for Super Soldier's ritual summon, even can be used for a Trade-In. Then...we get to the best things in this deck, besides from Super Soldier. The Gaias. They can get into Rank 7 plays so easily since they can be summoned without tribute. They can search for Black Luster Soldier and they can be used as a beater or for Ritual fodder with the kuribohs. Now we get to the MVP of the deck. Super Soldier. Not only can she Inflict damage onto the opponent equal to the monster she destroyed's attack points. But if she dies, she can just summon another Gaia! It's brilliant! God I love This deck!

Well. That's my first detailed Deck Profile (Happy now, Dog?) As always, any helpful tips or suggestions on how to make this deck better are hugely accepted and welcome! This has been Blade Viper. Peace.

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Re: My Black Luster Soldier deck!!

Post by Khina Bree on Thu Mar 03, 2016 3:18 pm

You know you have ZERO valid targets for "Pre-Preparation of Rites," right?

EDIT: Black Luster Soldier(s) are MALE.

Khina Bree
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Re: My Black Luster Soldier deck!!

Post by WeaponTaker on Thu Mar 03, 2016 5:52 pm

Nice build but I would go:
-1 Twister
+1 more Manju. Making it @ 3.

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Re: My Black Luster Soldier deck!!

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