Fluffal Synchro Fusionist Mayhem

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Fluffal Synchro Fusionist Mayhem

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Wed Jan 27, 2016 6:38 am

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Alrighty then, I'm proud to showcase this deck as I've worked on it for months and is probably one of the best builds i made. This deck requires alot of critical thinking and practice but once you master it you will be amazed at how the deck is able to perform combos by getting out powerful monsters and at the same time gain insane amount of pluses and search power in a single turn.

.3x Fluffal Wings: This card is amazing in terms of creating consistency and speed. This is one of the main cards that make the deck great as it is a target for Brilliant Fusion and a level 1 monster to create synchro plays if needed.

.2x Edge Imp Sabres: This card is normally needed for Brilliant Fusion plays acting as a way to enable it to work incase one of the fusion materials is in the hand rather than in the deck. Plus it is also useful due to it being a Fusion Material for Frightfur Tiger.

.2x Fluffal Bear: A vital card in the deck as it is used to search out Toy Vendor and act as a fodder for Fluffal Wings effect and can literally creates incredible amount of consistency in the deck due to its hand effect.

.3x Fluffal Stardoge: Our main level 4 card helps gather combo pieces pretty easily and has decent stats so awesome doge right there.

.2x Junk Synchron: Self Explanatory and I prefer to run 2 because running 3 can get very cloggy plus 2 is a perfect fit.

.2x Synchro Fusionist: A very important piece in the deck this not only opens up to plenty of synchro plays but it also helps gather the fusion combo pieces and best part is that its effect can be looped in one turn if done correctly,

.1x Jet Synchron:  level 1 tuner able to search out Junk synchron and can bring itself back by discarding one card which can be some cards that you needed dumped in the graveyard like Fluffal Wings or Synchro Fusionist for instance.

.1x Glow-up Bulb: Self Explanatory and super sacky when comboed with Edge Imp Sabres.

.1x Re-cover: Since you will more than likely use up more than 5 cards in your extra deck Re-cover is perfect for this and is a target for E-teleporter.

.1x Yuki Usagi: Another level 3 tuner incase Junk Synchron cannot get through situations plus another target for E-Tele and a great hand trap.

.2x Gem-Knight Lazuli: Now you might be all like say whaaaat?? why not Garnet? Well simply put Garnet doesn't really do much as its simply there as Fusion material where as Lapis can open up to more plays due to it being level 1 it can support the use of Junk Synchron making a quick level 4 synchro summon. (Do note you can try and use Garnet and it probably might make a lesser impact.)

Now that the Monster line is done lets move on to the Spell card line up

.2x Reasoning: Its pretty good as the deck has variable levels present and is helpful in deck thinning #ToSacky

.3x Instant Fusion: Reason why im running 3 when i have only 2 Norden is due to minimizing the risk of losing one from Toy Vendor or Reasoning.

.2x FrightFur Fusion: Self Explanatory.

.3x Brilliant Fusion: Combos well with Fluffal Wings and opens up to more plays due to Seraphnite's additional normal summon effect.

.2x Tuning: Searching out your Junk Synchrons and Jet Synchron if needed plus mill 1 so once again another good way to thin the deck down.

.2x E-Teleporter: Useful in getting out your Psychic Tuners out.

.3x Toy Vendor: An important combo piece as it helps gain consistency and quick way to get rid of cards that are needed in the graveyard.

.1x One for One: Self Explanatory

.2x Mystical Space Thyphoon: Might replace that with Twin Twister if i feel like its needed but MST works pretty well.

Now for the Extra Deck which do note is extremely delicate and tight.

2x Gem-knight Seraphinite
2x Elder Entity Norden

2x Frightfur Tiger: Enables Otks and ensure that the plays will go through safely

1x Herald of the Arc Light: Helps control certain decks and is pretty easy to make.

1x T.G. Hyper Librarian: Get that draw power going

1x Ally of Justice Catastor (Replacable with Samsara Reincarnation Dragon)

1x Goyo Guardian: Generic level 6 synchro

1x Yazi, Evil of the Yang Zing: Synchro Fodder for Baxia so summon it when it is possible to get Baxia out.

1x Baxia, Brightness of the Yang Zing: Combo with Norden,Herald and a free bounce one card when summon

1x Psy-framelord Omega: Good level 8 staple with the ability to recycle banished cards and graveyard then its banishing effect is useful to prevent problems from occuring.

1x Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier: Too good not to include normally my win condition if summoned correctly.

1x Fairy Cheer Girl: This normally may not be much but it is great at providing extra draw power, easy to make with Norden and Fluffal Doge and is personally my lucky charm of the deck Logically any rank 4 would do but like i said Fairy Cheer Girl is a lucky charm for me.

I won't go into details with the side deck as its simply a second idea i tried to experiment as a turbo Hot Red Dragon Abyss.dek which did do well in certain situations but the things that you must consider as a side would be the staple traps (Solemn warning, Solemn notice, Bottomless Trap hole,  Time Space Trap hole etc.) Spells is recommended to use Suture Rebirth and Soul Charge for quick Revival plays and Raigeki.

And with that this concludes the showcase of the deck. I would like to give my thanks to Chris Leblanc for inspiring me to make this deck by seeing his own deck which did do well as well. Anyways thank you for looking at this and if you have any questions or suggestions on what i should do next do leave a comment below.

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