Bounty Hunting - Now LIVE!

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Bounty Hunting - Now LIVE!

Post by α27theDemonKnight on Tue Jan 05, 2016 2:07 am

So this idea was recently brought up in the Suggestions
Everyone took a lot of interest in it and felt very positive about this idea. So I decided we just HAD to make this a thing.


You heard that right! Now you can place bounties on members heads (with your Magician Credits of course) or hunt down those with a bounty already on their head! Very Happy

You might have already noticed a new table visible on everyones profiles and posts which shows REPUTATION specifically for the Bounty Hunting system now in place.

Drop by the MADA Sheriff's Office regularly to check for new bounties or put up new ones.

Read up on all the rules and guidelines to Bounty Hunting here:

To put a Bounty on a member's head simple post it up at this link following the formats and guidelines:

Git out there and rack up them reputation points!
Gl hf and most importantly,

"He's the hero MADA deserves,
but not the one it needs right now.
So we'll hunt him.
Because he can take it.
Because he's not our hero.
He's a silent guardian,
a watchful protector.
The Demon Knight"
The Dragon Destroyer
The Dragon Destroyer

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