Undertale Fanfiction (SPOILERS!!!)

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Undertale Fanfiction (SPOILERS!!!)

Post by The Doctor on Sat Dec 19, 2015 6:29 am


You walk up to the castle. You look to your right, and Sans is right there. To your left, Papyrus. You look at the door, and Toriel sits there, motionless, dead. You start to cry, more and more after every thought. Sans puts a hand on your shoulder, and Papyrus hugs you, also crying.

"WHY WAS IT HER???" Papyrus blurted out.

"I...I don't know. She...She was trying to help." You can't keep the words in. Sans hugs you.

"i can't believe it was her. out of everyone, her." Sans was in grief. He sat down, and hugged Toriel's body. You went ahead, inside the castle. Undyne was there, with Mettaton dead at his side. Undyne was laughing, and you saw Asgore against the wall, injured.

"Run!" He shouted. You stood your ground. Papyrus stood there, saddened. Asgore got up, only to stumble down. Undyne came up to you and Papyrus, and the doors closed. He took a sword out and thrusted it at your heart. You dodged it, redirecting the knife into his head. He died on the ground. Asgore was dead on the ground, a hole in his chest. Sans appeared from the dark area ahead, injured. Papyrus and You run ahead. He's okay, but hurt. You and the two brothers run ahead and see Flowey, laughing. An array of pellets appear around him, and they fall onto Papyrus and Sans, holding them. A pellet to the head kills them. You are attacked by him, and manage to survive the pellets. Now he throws more and more, killing you.

"See you in the reset! Nyahahahah!" Flowey's words are as blood-filled as you.

Game over.


Tell me what you thought of this in the comments!

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