Are we all truly equal in this world today?

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Are we all truly equal in this world today?

Post by The Doctor on Thu Dec 17, 2015 3:36 pm

So, today I was sitting in history class, and my teacher was talking about equality. I had a few ideas, and I wanted to share them with you.
Are different races treated differently?
To be honest, no. There have been many offenses on different races. Would a white man be treated better in court than a dark-skinned man? Yes. Police have been found of murdering dark-skinned people more than white people. This is in no way to be taken as racist. Take the Ferguson murder for example. A random teen was walking at night and then the cops strike.
Should we treat everyone the same?
Yes, they should. We are all people, and we are no different. No one should be treated differently just because of belief or race or social class. No one should be treated differently. We are all people with the same rights.
Is equality in this world actually possible?
Possibly. There is so much conflict in the world, that no one really knows the answer to that. Nations fight all the time, people murder others out of hatred and race and beliefs, and racism and everything else going on kind of destroys the point of freedom. If we all want freedom, we should have it. People of a low social class get less pay than those of a higher social class.
Should the rich donate to the poor/less fortunate?
This was another question that popped up by another classmate of mine. My answer/opinion on this is they should. There is another point, however. The rich and others earn their money by going to work and working and getting a bunch of money from their jobs and other ways. The less fortunate and the poor sometimes die from not having enough money to get food or proper health care. My view on this is that they should. The people in need go to homeless shelters if they don't have enough money, and another way to help is with fundraisers. The upper-class people should donate to the lower-class people so they can afford animals and food and water and much more.
Ending Statement:
Are we really equal in this world today? No. Is it possible? Yes. With work and effort and care, this can be possible. We can thrive in our own communities by helping others, and holding fundraisers.

I deeply apologize if you take this in a different way than I intended to show. I understand if you take this in a racist way, or another way that you may find unpleasing.

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Re: Are we all truly equal in this world today?

Post by Arc V Yuto on Thu Dec 17, 2015 5:36 pm

Sadly it isnt possible to treat everybody equal because we will always have those people that put others down. Life is about 3 classes Middle class high class and poor low class everybody wants to be middle of higher but it just isnt possible. It also has to do with peoples ideals you look at terrorist groups and call them equal to you no you look at them and call them monsters. What you want to do is get to that middle class or higher and just stay hold of it as you watch people below you suffer.

Truly sorry if this offends anybody but this is just my take on this topic.

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Re: Are we all truly equal in this world today?

Post by Flip Flapper on Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:24 am

*Dope slaps doc over the head* Doc you fool! bringing politics to the internet NEVER ends well! well now that it is here i might as well answer

Doc, there is an ideal that is nearly identical to yours, it is the ideal of the communists. It is a good teaching but it doesnt work on a scale fo a country, in a group of 10 peopel or heck maybe even 20 if we are generous everyone can be treated exactly the same and fair but if you go on a nation wide scale? it is impossible, its sad but it is the truth
The thing with racism will ALWAYS be around becuse there will always be racist assholes

The thing about classes? well this is a more complicated thing, it is unfair not giving everyone the same opportunities but at the same time it doesnt work to give say a waiter the same amount of money as a doctor, now we could cut away some pay from politicians and give to people who work hard..... but that is an entirely different matter.
And it doesnt matter how unfair it is money will always be an issue and fundraisers wont always help becuse some time the money conveniently finds its way into the pockets of some people and sometimes the money that is given is missused, now do not get me wrong if i see a beggar i give them money if i have any on me but that doesnt mean we can do it all the time, if you always give and sacrifice you yourself will loose all and that will not help anyone, you have the know when to help and when to not

well my take on this is that the world is an unfair, cruel, miserable place but working to make it better isnt as simple as people make it sound, economy, resources, willingness and cabability are all things that are needed to be taken into acount, also time.

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Re: Are we all truly equal in this world today?

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