unit 01 and unit 03, separated at birth?

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unit 01 and unit 03, separated at birth?

Post by Flip Flapper on Wed Dec 02, 2015 10:01 am

this is from rebuild of evangelion wich for thosoe who do not know is basicly a reboot of neon genesis evangelion (basicly) and for thoos ewho do not nkow what evangelion is...... go watch it IMMEDIATLY, do not read ANY further even if i may only show minro spoielrs if even that

either way i noticed something with unit 01 and unit 13 (something everyone including me have to notice just form a quick glance) is that they are nearly identical

for comparison
unit 01 http://i.imgur.com/xrdjiao.png
unit 13 http://orig12.deviantart.net/505d/f/2013/114/f/7/evangelion_unit_13_by_lordlkkamikaze-d62tq9a.jpg

couldnt they have been a bit more original with 13s design ._. altough to be fair they do say at one point that 01 is a prototype so it is possible that it was 13s prototype but still it feels kinda lazy (much like the use of CGI over animation feels lazy for this sicn eit has a bigger budget then th eold evangelion)

either way i dont really mind it and i think its kinda cool as unit 01 is one of the coolest looking things ive ever seen (in case it isnt obvious my profile picture is a reference to unit 01) i just kinda wish 13 looked a little more different but hey what can ya do?

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