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Post by Satellite's Shooting Star on Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:58 am

In the nba(national basketball association) the golden state warriors are 18-0 while the Philadelphia 76ers have yet to lose a game
In Nfl which is the football league, Only 2 teams are left undefeated, the panthers and the patriots. The panthers won there game this week and the patriots will play the Denver broncos tonight.
In the nhl which is the hockey league, the Florida panthers are taking on the Detroit red wings, both very good teams so far this season.
In soccer/football news leicter city had a draw against man united while Manchester city won there game.
Games to watch tonight:
Cfl grey cup)the finals)-Edmonton vs Ottawa
Nfl- New England Patriots vs Denver broncos
Nba- Los angles Lakers vs Indiana pacers
Nhl- nothing big to watch unfortunately
Ottawa win 35-21
Broncos win 23-20
Indiana 103-89
Results to be posted here tomorrow
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