The story of kuwagamon

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The story of kuwagamon

Post by Flip Flapper on Wed Nov 25, 2015 12:28 pm

i got the news that in digimon adventure tri the same kuwagamon that apeared tvice in digimon adventure (and got promptly butchered) has apeared again, this is his story

he was born no different from the other kuwagamon but he was always treated differently, no one liked him so he moved from his home and evolved to a full fledged kuwagamon, everyone ahted him though and they bullied him everyday of his life, one day he saw some humans come to his world and decided to take his frustration out on them but their digimon quickly deafeted him, from this point on he finally had a purpose in life. to destroy the digidestined. he trained everyday and followed them closely to be able to deafet them, later o nthe server continent he attacked them but they defeated him again, wounded he ahd to escape and he trained for years, he was bullied but he managed to make some friends, 2 other kuwagamon, after years of itnense training they went to the human world to get their vengeance on the digidestined but it was for not, this kuwagamons newfound friends were slain and he only barely escaped with the aid of an alphamon

This brave kuwagamon has dedicated his life to one cause, he is a true warrior, if a bit missguided, and he deserves our support, i am proud to say that i see this kuwagamon as a friend and he have my full support *salutes* go kuwagamon! fullfill your dreams and evolve! take to the skies as grankuwagamon and get your righteous vengeance! *sniff* i am so proud of you......

seriously though this one kuwagamon is a tenicious bastard and its really admirable, i really hope he will evolve to mega and become an actuall threat again

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