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blue-eyes support

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blue-eyes support

Post by Flip Flapper on Thu Nov 19, 2015 12:01 pm

so i was checkin´out shining victories for updates and turns out more blue-eyes stuff is coming, awesome i love dragons and blue-eyes was an old favorite alongside red-eyes, i keep reading and find they get a focus on synchro summoning, awesome my favorite summoning method, and they go for level 9 syncs wich is preety rare and their new tuners (and other cards to) are really amazing, i especially like the synchro as it basicly shuts down effective pendulum summon and it can get you azure-eyes, the new main deck one is really awesome to as it can get rid of some of that nasty backrow and is treated as a normal monster in hand and grave

all in all ima say im preety happy for upcoming sets, more support for revival dragons, blue-eyes, dark magician seems to get some to, phantom knights finally coming and more, dont think this stuff is gonna get used a whole lot but im gonna try out the blue-eyes stuff

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