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The Dichromatic Rebel is in the dorm

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The Dichromatic Rebel is in the dorm Empty The Dichromatic Rebel is in the dorm

Post by Zaio Volnutt on Sun Nov 08, 2015 3:16 am

In front of the door to his dormroom, Zaio would look up feeling proud of his accomplishment at the entrance exam. He honestly didn't expect for him to go this well and surely it will push him to hone his talents to the next level. With a deep breath and his backpack swaying on the side he opened the door.

As he enters his room it looked pretty much above what he used to live in. He smiled knowing that he made it this far and spoke to himself calmly "This is exciting". With that being said he tossed his backpack to the side and jumped onto the bed relaxing as if making himself at home.
Zaio Volnutt
Zaio Volnutt
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