How well do you know me?

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How well do you know me?

Post by LightRook on Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:32 pm

This is just a simple quiz I made for my IRL friends, and I figured why not let you guys take it, so here it is.

Also once you complete the test, post the score you got.

“Family isn’t always blood, family is what you make it, family is never giving up, family is never turning your back on the ones you love.”
-Asking Alexandria

"In a world tainted by hate and negativity, stand out, shine bright and always be proud of who you are."
-Ben Bruce

"My old cuts left hella scars my new cuts are hella deep my razor blade that's hella clean."
-Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

"My new cuts are so up to par my old cuts leave hella scars."
-Unicorns Killed My Girlfriend

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