General information and way to contact me: Stardog

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General information and way to contact me: Stardog

Post by Stardog on Wed Sep 30, 2015 1:35 am

I'll make this topic quick. If you want to discuss with me (in private), you can contact me through the MADA PM system, DN or Showdown. I answer to the best of my knowledge and I do not lie about an issue at hand.

If what you're discussing concerns another members' private information, I will not disclose the information unless I have permission from that user.

For consistencies sake, on academies that aren't MADA, I will be using this avatar.

DN Username: Stardog, Stardoge, [STAR]
Showdown Username: SAT Exam

I use this text color to show that I am on my computer. Along with using these "dots": [!], [?], [~], [Σ], [★].

I use this text color to show that I am on my phone. Along with using this "dot": «!».

I will use this color to show that I am not at home and most likely in school.

I prefer being stern and straight to the point. If you have an issue or something you feel needs to be addressed, don't be hesitant to send me a PM. I take criticism both solemnly and with a grain of salt. I treat everyone in this manner, I'm not a snide person; I will always be confronting to tell anyone the issue.

That being said. Hallo MADA.


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