Stardust's Music Video/songs Playlist!

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Stardust's Music Video/songs Playlist!

Post by StardoostLegend on Sat Sep 26, 2015 5:57 pm

My favorite music videos online, most of them include Gorillaz lol, ^3^

Feel Good Inc- By Gorillaz (WARNING: Music video contains explicit content and lyrics)

The hit single Feel Good Inc is Gorillaz most popular song and is what got them extremely well known. It has a sick bass-rift and is a perfect song.

Clint Eastwood- By Gorillaz (WARNING: Music video contains explicit content and lyrics)

I ain't happy, I'm in a bag
I got sunshine, in a bag
I'm useless, I'm in a bag
The future, is in a bag

19-2000- By Gorillaz

One of my Personal favorite gorillaz song. The music video is amazing and I just love this song, It's so upbeat and it's just my kind of music,

Savages- By Breathe Carolina

The moment I heard this song I just had to make a drawing for it. Another one of my all time favorite songs. I just love this singer's voice and it's a fun song to listen to for something like a party

Rhinestone Eyes- By Gorillaz

Believe it or not this music video actually inspired a lot of "We are MADA" and future events that will happen in the series. I wish they had animated this fully but I guess they didn't have enough money. I could tell they really wanted to though, this was a very well made storyboard. Hopefully they can go back and reanimate it in phase 4 perhaps...

Doncamatic- By Gorillaz/Daley

Why do people say that this song "Just isn't Gorillaz"? It was made by them so it definetly is Gorillaz. Also Daley is an amazing singer, people online should stop being trolls and saying that he's gay because of the way he sings. It's 2015 and people are still not mature enough to stop using gay as an insult, the only thing being gay should effect is what gender you fancy. Sorry if I'm rambling about this it just discrimination like this ticks me off.

Do I Wanna Know?- By Arctic Monkeys (WARNING: Video contains explicit content)

This is the only song I've heard from this band and I must listen to more. This song really gets you thinking, the guitar playing here is amazing and they sound awesome. I highly recommend listening to this.

Global Concepts- By Robert Delong (WARNING: Strong language/cursing in video)

Robert Delong is a truly underrated singer. He is a musical genius and should be more popular them some of today's pop singers. This is another song that just gets you thinking about life. It has a deeper meaning and you can dance to it.

Don't Wait Up- By Robert Delong

I can't get enough of this guy, well I've only honestly listened to 2 of his songs but I CAN'T stop listening to them! A musical genius indeed

Animals- By Maroon 5

I don't usually listen to Maroon 5, but never the less I love their music. How the heck do they get their voice so high!??! XD

Payphone- By Maroon 5 (WARNING: Cursing)

I know this song is sort of old but I still like it never the less! I freaked when I found a Minecraft Parody of this song XD

Revolving Doors- By Gorillaz

The Fall was such a weird album, some of the music was interesting but it just didn't seem like the kind of thing I would listen to. But Revolving Doors was just one of the best songs in the album. Has the sort of feel I would find in "Global Concepts"

Viva la Vida- By Coldplay


Well That's a general idea for my taste of music, I may post more later but I hope ya like! ^3^

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Also, this gif is a MUST see XD
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