Rarity Bumps: Bad for YuGiOh?

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Rarity Bumps: Bad for YuGiOh?

Post by Khina Bree on Tue Aug 11, 2015 11:15 am

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Howdy folks. Sketch here with a topic of debate for you.

Every time Konami releases a main-series set into the TCG, they have a tendency to elevate the rarity of cards in the set. Spiking a common or a rare into an Ultra or even a Secret. For example, in "Phantom of Darkness," the OCG version of "Dark Armed Dragon" was a Rare, yet the TCG version was bumped all the way to a Secret Rare, making the card an immediate over-priced card. This isn't the only time it has happened either. Let's not forget about the entire Lightsworn lineup from LODT. Supers, Ultras, and Secrets out the wah-zoo.

Most recently, in "Clash of Rebellions," we see the "Aromages" being spiked in rarity with "Aromage Jasmine" and "Aromage Rosemary." These two were a rare and common respectively in the OCG, but are now a Secret and Ultra. Seriously? An archetype that, I don't think, was going to be highly sought after in the TCG was bumped in rarity, and therefore in price.

I doubt any of us have ever looked at an OCG list for a set, and then been excited to see our common and rare cards we wanted turned into Secrets and Ultras. To see cards go from "reasonable price" to "Wallet-draining prices." Now, this is different from reprints that come out later in Special Editions or Collector sets, such as the "Noble Knights of the Round Table" or "Premium Gold" sets, or even the "Legendary Collections" as those are EXPECTED to be rarity bumps.

The entire purpose behind these bumps is clear: Konami wishes to make as much money as possible from their products. While this an understandable reason for a business, I feel that they should also consider that not all of their customers are made of money. Some of us cannot afford to keep buying these over-priced singles JUST so we can play a deck we like.

What are your thoughts and opinions on this topic? Do you agree with rarity bumps in the TCG? Know of any good examples of such a bump that infuriated or excited you?
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