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[HolyBlade] Maple Intro

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[HolyBlade] Maple Intro Empty [HolyBlade] Maple Intro

Post by Starfox Falco on Tue May 26, 2015 9:50 am

Hello it's Starfox_Falco here. I've been on dn for a year now.  So i've been in many clans and academies. My first clan and my favourite is [HolyBlade]. others Including: The legends ( Deaths friend's clan), TheCelestials, Sith Lord, Hallow and  Hokage (the clan i'm currently in and plan to stay in for a long time).  Aswell as in many Academies Including Shura, Asa, Volcanic, Red-eyes, Solair, Satellar and Now here Mada.  

Now Enough talking about clans and academies and start talking more about me. I've been playing yugio since 2006/7/8 to now. I am a Big fan of the Smash bros games and Pokemon games. I have and played smash 2-4. And my Favourite character is Falco (and thats why i chose this name) and my favourite smash bros is Melee. I have played Pokemon gen 2 to Black 2. MY favourite of the games is Pokemon Diamond/pearl/Platinum becuase they were the original ds Pokemon games. So they had the feel of the Gen 3 games which i've played for like 9 or so years with the new Touch screen technology. Aswell Diamond and pearl was one of my top 3 favourite seasons of pokemon. So this all u need to know and sorry for making this a little long.

P.S Death if your reading this i want you to know me and my cousin (not the annoying one) miss You and Holyblade.
Starfox Falco
Starfox Falco

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